Tips on Eating Ice Cream Without Fat

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When the heat is hot during the day, one of the foods that has a delicious taste is ice cream. Usually, ice cream is a dessert and is not included in calories. Unfortunately, if you consume too much ice cream will make your weight increase. Because it is not the main food, sometimes we are negligent and do not count how many calories an ice cream has. In fact, ice cream will be a means of developing fat in the body.

Types of Ice Cream

There are various types of ice cream on the market, such as:

  1. Frozen Dessert. This type of ice cream has 3% solid milk. This ice cream is like ice with a fruit flavor without the milk content in it.
  2. Lacto Ice. This ice cream contains solid milk up to 3% more and the composition of the milk in it is only a little. Even so, you still have to be careful because the calorie type of ice cream is not necessarily lower than ordinary ice cream.
  3. Ice milk. This ice cream contains 10% solid milk and 3% milk fat. Ice milk has a lower milk content compared to ordinary ice cream. But to suppress fat, there are several types of ice that use vegetable fat.

Tips for consuming ice cream so as not to make fat

If you still want to consume ice cream, but without fat, here are some things you can do, such as:

  • See calorie content. Before consuming ice cream, always look at the calorie content that is behind the packaging. Try to consume ice cream that has a low calorie content. If you want to taste a new type of ice cream cake bali, you can look for average calories per serving.
  • The most appropriate time to consume. There is the best time to enjoy ice cream like 3pm. Avoid consuming ice cream as a snack, but consuming ice cream after a big meal, so you already feel full before eating too much.
  • Take it with a small spoon. Avoid eating ice directly using a large spoon. You better enjoy ice using a small spoon and slowly, so you will be easily full.
  • Focus on consuming ice cream. Regardless of what foods you consume, avoid consuming ice cream by doing various other activities.
  • Give fruit toppings. When you consume ice cream, you can provide fruit toppings on ice so that the taste of ice becomes fresher, and the ice cream you consume can become new energy. Today there are many new ice variants such as ice cream cake bali, that you can add fruit to.
  • Choose ice with coconut oil content. Why choose ice with coconut oil content? This is because coconut oil is believed to be able to lose weight.

So, from now on, there is no need to worry anymore about consuming ice cream, especially if you want to try a new ice variant like Bali ice cream cake. Today, there are many outlets that provide ice cream cake bali. However, if you want to try ice cream cake bali with delicious flavors and affordable prices, you can visit Cold Stone Creamery.

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